The Tokyo brand is a treasure trove of stylish leather items

With a mix of modern skyscrapers and historic temples, Tokyo is also home to many leather brands. A leather item with a refined design while preserving traditional Japanese techniques is sure to make a great souvenir!

Today's leather shoes that can be used both on and off

From the new collection "New Classic," this plain toe from "Country" has been selected for casual wear. The volume created by the sole and wood pattern creates a modern look.


Price (excluding tax): 34,000 yen Color: BLACK Size: 23.5 cm -27 cm (0.5 cm increments)

A daypack with an exquisite blend of elegance and functionality

"PORTER ALOOF" is one of the long-selling series that has been around for more than 10 years. The contrast between the partially used nylon tape and the fine calfskin creates a somewhat casual impression.


Price (excluding tax): 43,800 yen Color: BLACK Size: h 39 cm w 25 cm d 16 cm

This pair is both feminine and mannish.

Spock shoes, which go well with any outfit, are synonymous with Haruta's loafers. Although made of leather, they are light on the feet, and the V-cut makes your feet look neat.

HARUTA Spock Shoes #150

Price (excluding tax): 10,500 yen Color: ROTOR Size: 22.5 cm -25.5 cm (0.5 cm increments)

It's a compact mini wallet, but it's very practical.

A mini wallet from men's wallet brand Hawk Feathers that combines the ease of storage and ease of use needed in everyday life. Thin, light and strong kangaroo leather with embossed chic texture is also attractive.

mic(Hawk Feathers) Kangaroo Minimal wallet

Price (excluding tax): 22,000 yen Color: BLACK Size: h 8.2 cm w 8.2 cm d 3.0 cm

A light, durable bag that's perfect for work

Made from Neutral Gray's standard hose leather, this item has a light touch that you wouldn't expect from leather. Attention is also paid to details that take comfort into consideration, such as a hidden fastener to prevent rubbing against metal.

Neutral Gray NH405 Husky

Price (excluding tax): 27,000 yen Color: Gray Size: h30cm w39cm d13cm