1Easy care/quick care

Remove dust

The basic of all care is to remove dust by careful brushing. Use bar cleaner for white sole of casual shoes.

Remove dirt

Care as if you care your skin. Cleanse off dirt and cream you applied the last time, and go back to your “face without make-up”.

Polish / finish

Apply shoe cream evenly. Wrap cloth around your finger and use small amount of cream each time. After you are done polishing, brush to blend.

Extra edition
waterproof&antibacterial steps

After brushing, evenly apply waterproof spray. Use deodorant/antibacterial spray for antibacterial steps.

2Offers you a higher-level care,
“Boot Black”

Long-established manufacturer, founded 100 years ago, Columbus’s highest ranked brand “BootBlack”. Gains reliability from domestic and overseas fashion professionals. They offer the full line-up that covers diversified/subdivided needs.

3Experience the best care
“REGAL Nihonbashi”

Flagship store of “REGAL”, men’s shoe brand that represents Japan. “REGAL shoe care station” is located inside few of the stores. You can receive special care by technical staffs that were trained professionally at a fair price.

REGAL Nihonbashi