Himeji, a city where history and contemporary come together

Leading a new movement from a place surrounded by history! Himeji's manufacturing and craftsmanship, which continues to update traditions, is powerful and exciting as ever.
Experience the multifaceted charms of the city, including world heritage site Himeji Castle, the atelier of popular leather creators, and modern Japanese confectionery shops.

Tour 2

Toyooka & Kinosaki, a city known for its rich nature and bag manufacturing

Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture is a region known for its 1000 year history in bag-manufacturing. Approximately 80% of the city area is forest, and both coastal and mountainous areas are rich in nature with national parks.
The city is home to Shirosaki, one of the best hot springs in the Kansai region, and many shops carrying the local bag brand "Toyooka Kaban" have opened. Enjoy an assortment of uniqueness such as stores offering made to order products, repairs, and cafes!


A trip for the experienced traveller around Asakusa, the city of leather and shoes.
A visit to Oku Asakusa!

Featuring the "Oku Asakusa" area, which is loved by leather and shoes connoisseurs. Introducing an in depth tour focusing on up-and-coming shoes brands.
Factories, studios and shops are appearing one after another around the wholesale district for professional use. Enjoy the fun mix of retro buildings and modern charm.