A trip through Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe in search of rare and unique leathers

From Kyoto, the city of garments, to Kobe, the city of shoes. A trip through west Japan, where fashion lovers have always gathered, in search for specialty stores carrying one of a kind leather products.
Luxurious gems, various types of leather materials, made-to-order items with rare leather ...
Find your own personal favorite.

MIYABIYA shop&maison (Masugi)

A directly managed shop operated by Masugi Group Co., Ltd., a long-established company founded in 1713. Offering everything from luxury leather to a wide selection of basic cowhide items.

A workshop built inside the store. Skilled craftsmen are stationed for repairs, custom-made orders, workshops.

MIYABIYA shop&maison (Masugi)

1 hour train ride

Nishikawa Leather

Daikokucho, often referred to as "Oku Namba," is a leather area with many leather-related companies. Nishikawa Leather has an overwhelming selection of rare types of leather!

A professional shop for leather craftsmen with the concept of "LEATHER STYLE OF YOUR LIFE". Metal fittings and parts are also available. The store is popular with leather beginners.

Nishikawa Leather

45 minute train ride


You will be fascinated by the combination of high-quality leather and the beauty of the colors. Make your own customized leather accessories that you’ll love every time you use it.

A retro shop standing on the hill of Kobe. Leather goods are displayed in the store along with antique items and stones, which stimulates the senses of visitors.