Choose leather items by color (Part 2)

Color will be one of the key elements when choosing leather items. Consider the impression each item will give depending on the color. How I want to be, how I want to be perceived by others ...... etc. Become closer to the person you want to be with the power of color on your side!


Bright and cheerful/Lucky and affluent/Active

Eyeglass case with a stylish modern pattern

Cow suede is combined with domestic pig suede for both strength and supple texture. The herringbone print on the surface exudes a touch of glamour and a mix of Japanese and Western styles.

caramite CA604-04 L Zip Eyewear Case

Price (excluding tax): 11,800 yen Color: YELLOW Size: h 8 cm w 17 cm d 2.5 cm


intellect/elegance/harmony or cooperation

The compact money clip is extremely portable.

This is a money clip with a tag clasp that nestles smartly in the cashless era. The quality of carefully selected bridle leather is also a key point, and the more you use it, the more it changes over time.

GANZO Thin Bridle Compact Money Clip

Price (excluding tax): 17,000 yen Color: NAVY Size: h 6.5 cm w 10.3 cm d 0.7 cm


Elegant and mature/reassuring/rustic

The beautiful koba that shines with skilled craftsmanship is a must-see.

Made of tough and rare harness leather from Tochigi leather, used only in minca. At 30 mm wide, the narrow belt is unisex, making it stylish around the waist.

minca Harness leather belt/hill dye/width 30 mm HL-B01

Price (excluding tax): 14,000 yen Color: TAN Size: w 3 cm d 0.45 cm


Noble and graceful/spiritual/mysterious

The unique texture of Kurozan leather, which is also used in armor, is attractive.

This COTOCUL mini wallet from Kyoto was made with a unique structure that does not leave creases on the bills. Don't miss the use of black Kurozan leather, nicknamed "leather black diamond" with a lacquered surface.

COTOCUL Black Pier Leather Mini Wallet

Price (excluding tax): 15,800 yen Color: kakitsubata Size: h 8 cm w 9.9 cm d 3.5 cm


Cleanliness/Pure and pure/Peace

Clean coloring for a light accent

CREEZAN develops leather items with a focus on white. The square bag has a minimal design and can be worn in any style. The contrast with silver metal fittings adds spice.


Price (excluding tax): 39,000 yen Color: WHITE Size: h 19 w 15 d 9 cm