Choose leather items by color (Part 1)

Color will be one of the key elements when choosing leather items. Consider the impression each item will give depending on the color. How I want to be, how I want to be perceived by others ...... etc. Become closer to the person you want to be with the power of color on your side!


Passionate/energetic/bright and active

A versatile bag that can be held in any way you want

The contrast between the delicate shoulder strap and the design is eye-catching. Its length can be changed to suit your styling and mood, and when removed it doubles as a mini pouch.


Price (excluding tax): 12,000 yen Color: RED Size: h 15 cm w 23.5 cm d 10 cm (Cord: 120 cm)


Stylish/refined impression/classy or stately

This is a brand popular pair that goes with any style.

These lace-up boots are a wonderful combination of mannish and feminine. It's made of original water-repellent glass leather, so you can wear it regardless of the weather.

Sellenatela NOA

Price (excluding tax): 45,000 yen Color: BLACK RAIN Size: 22.5 cm -25 cm (0.5 cm increments)


Calm adults/Comfort and warmth/Traditional

The contrast of the material that appears when you open it is attractive.

This sleek, gussetless business card holder can also be used as a card case. The interior is made up of distinctly cut calfskin and suede, and you can enjoy the difference between when the case is opened and closed.


Price (excluding tax): 18,000 yen Color: BROWN Size: h 7 cm w 11 cm d 1 cm



Look for a modernly designed card space

This highly portable fragment case is made by 4 U by UNOFUKU from Toyooka, which started in 2022. The card-space design is impressive, thanks to the craftsman's skill and sense.

4U by UNOFUKU Fragment case M

Price (excluding tax): 16,000 yen Color: BLUE Size: h 8.5 cm w 14 cm d 0.5 cm


Safety/Relaxation Effect/Vitality

Despite its simple appearance, it is also practical.

The Minimaruko coin case is compact and fits in the palm of your hand. The design is easy to take out, so it's easy to use, and you can feel the care of the leather craftsman.

BrEAknoT Minimaruko

Price (excluding tax): 2,500 yen Color: GREEN Size: h 5.5 cm w 8.4 cm d 0.8 cm