Home collection to enhance your everyday life

This home collection can be used for a long time while enjoying the aging of the leather. These days, the lineup is extensive, with items ranging from plates to baskets. It can also be used as an accent in a room, so check it out!

Its unique and beautiful color palette is attractive.

Tools debuted in the winter of 2022 with the hope that people would enjoy leather products as tools. The original domestic leather calendar features Epoi's signature traditional Japanese colors.

Epoi Tools Calendar

Price (excluding tax): 16,000 yen Color: - Size: h 7.8 cm w 16.5 cm d 5.5 cm

Gibier leather 15.15 cm dish made with wild animals

Each plate has a unique look, created by the traditional craft technique of lacquer skin, in which the boar skin is layered with lacquer. In addition to being light, unbreakable, and able to be stacked, it has excellent antibacterial properties that prevent mold from growing.

Six coup de foudre Leather Urushi 5-sun Plate

Price (excluding tax): 11,000 yen Color: Skin size: ≒15.15cm

Bicolor cushion with a headline-making presence

Modern coloring in emerald green and silver. The soft cow leather is stuffed with organic cotton and is sewn with thread without metal fittings for comfort.


Price (excluding tax): 22,000 yen Color: emerald green x silver Size: h 45 cm w 45 cm

Stylish contrasting materials

A bottle holder with an impressive combination of leather and stainless steel. It is also convenient for carrying wine and sake, as well as using as a flower vase by inserting plants into an empty bottle.

HIKER Bottle Holder

Price (excluding tax): 17,500 yen Color: tan Size: h 41.8 cm w 10.4 cm d 10.2 cm

Pay attention to the floral embossing that shines with Japanese craftsmanship

The "carry" -themed fleur is a leather basket synonymous with Coquette. It can be used in the living room, but it's also guaranteed to be useful for picnics and other leisure activities.

Coquette Leather basket L

Price (excluding tax): 42,000 yen Color: Natural Size: h 25 cm w 22 cm d 2.5 cm