Upgrade your look with leather fashion items

This leather fashion item will spice up your style and help you stay fresh. This selection of hats, belts, and accessories is easy to incorporate into your styling, and is perfect for using as an accent!

A lovely bracelet with leather flowers and natural stones

The delicate chain is combined with flowers made from domestic pigskin and natural stones with a clear feel. It swings gracefully with each movement, creating a lovely, feminine hand.

Selieu Tsuyu Bracelet

Price (excluding tax): 27,000 yen Color: A/Apricot x Sandoz Gray x White B/Green x Beige x White Size: Total length 17 cm (16 cm portion also has can)

A revolutionary belt with a unique buckle

The uniquely shaped buckle is adjustable to suit your waist at that time. It is excellent because once it is squeezed, it does not move even if it is jolted, and there is no worry about loosening while wearing it. It comes in a wooden box that makes a great gift.

Ninomiyagoro Shoten: Belt without a hole

Price (excluding tax): 13,000 yen Color: Gray Size: h 1.5 cm w 118 cm d 1 cm

If it's made of leather, a gacha belt will have a mature look.

This gacha belt, which was rekindled in the '90s revival, is made of rich leather. The colorful and expressive texture is also a focal point, making it a perfect accent to your outfit.

wfw GI belt

Price (excluding tax): 8,500 yen Color: green, jarro (yellow) Size: h 19 cm w 12 cm d 0.5 cm

Leather caps for cool accents

This is a sustainable cap made from the leftover materials from bag production. The baby buffalo calf stands out from the basic design and adds a sense of luxury to your look.

A LEATHER 6Panel Cap

Price (excluding tax): 17,000 yen Color: Black Size: h 21.5 cm w 15.3 cm d 1.2 cm

Make your presence felt with a double-wound bracelet

This double-wound bracelet is made from a single piece of leather and braided to create a voluminous look. The more you use it, the more glossy it will become and create a worn-in feel, so you'll become even more attached to it.


Price (excluding tax): 11,000 yen Color: Gray Size: h 19 cm w 11.5 cm d 1 cm