This is a leather item that has a unique presence and is particular about dyeing.

There are many leather brands that are particular about dyeing, but among them, they select leather items that show their unique character. The traditional Japanese indigo dye and leather dyed with wine dieses will make you stand out from the crowd.

A blend of traditional and modern indigo mud-dyed spider

This leather has a unique astringent color that incorporates indigo dyeing, a traditional dyeing technique from Amami Oshima. This makes the spider design look somewhat elegant and gives it an elegant look.

SCOTCH GRAIN indigo mud spider ST 2345

Price (tax included) ¥66,000 Color: Navy
Size: 23.5 cm -27.0 cm

a special long wallet that doesn't have the same thing as one

The indigo dyeing and twisting process by the craftsman's hand makes the basic long wallet look like art. The design and color of the diaphragm are unique, and each look is unique.

Kinuya Indigo C 216 Leather Ai-Dyed Tiered Coin Case

Price (tax included) ¥11,000 Color: One Color
Size: h 8 cm x w 7 cm x d 1.5 cm

Classic design and wine color match well.

This is a pochet-shaped dulce bag made of "Rezza Botanica ®︎ Vino" dyed with wine-dipping powder. The polyphenol component provides a deeper color and is both strong and flexible.

Atelier nuu Lezza botanica vino daleschette

Price (tax included) ¥27,500 Color: Wine
Size: h 18 cm x w 16.5 cm x d 7 cm

The colors and scents that make you feel the blessings of the earth are attractive.

As the name suggests, the "Rezza Botanica ®︎ Tea" series features leather dyed with tea shells. In addition to the soft color reminiscent of tea, you can enjoy the refreshing aroma.

numero uno

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Enchanting colors reminiscent of the beautiful sea of Tokushima

This is a pair made with extravagant natural indigo dyed leather dyed with Qi, a natural dye from Tokushima Prefecture. It is made using the traditional techniques of leather shoemakers, and has an elegant look that sets it apart from others.

Bluestone SUKUMO Leather Sneakers

Price (tax included) ¥120,000 Color: One Color
Size: 25 cm (39) -28 cm (42)/28.5 cm (44)/29.5 cm (45)