A leather item that comfortably and fashionably supports travel.

A foldable bag or a portable incentive holder. Carefully selected stylish leather items that will not only guide you comfortably on your trip, but also enhance your mood. Even if you don't have a plan right now, you might want to plan your trip if you have one!

Catchy form with excellent storage capacity

The pouch, which features a cologne shape, has a wide gusset, so it has excellent storage capacity. This item has a luxurious design that uses expressive leather on the inside and a convenient inside pocket.

Matsuoka Tannery

Price (tax included) ¥19,800 Color: BLACK
Size: h 16 cm w 6 cm d 10 cm

Foldable bag for easy carrying

The bag made of 0.5 mm thick oil-treated cowhide is excellent for folding compactly. The cross-shaped handle can also be used as a band when folded, making it an excellent combination of design and function.


Price (tax included) ¥22,000 Color: BLACK
Size: h 25 cm w 30 cm d 14 cm

Stylish envelope that can store small items smartly

The non-bulky leather envelope is perfect for storing your travel glasses and accessories. The unique uneven leather is the focal point of this item, so you will feel excited when you take it out.

mojakawa envelope case L

Price (tax included) ¥9,350 Color: ORANGE
Size: h 19.9 cm w 10.4 cm d 0.25 cm

Organizer that allows you to arrange the way you use it

A convenient organizer for storing notepads, pens, writing instruments and passports for travel. If you remove the partition inside, you can use it more freely.


Price (tax included) ¥23,100 Color: BLACK
Size: h 16 cm w 11.5 cm d 3 cm

Enjoy your favorite scent while traveling with incense sticks.

This is an incentive holder that is useful when you want to relax in a hotel. Incense can be stored in the pipe, and it can be disassembled and carried smartly. Above all, the sophisticated design is attractive.

HIKER IncenseHolder_long

Price (tax included) ¥6,930 Color: Tanninume
Size: short _ h 3 cm w 17 cm d 7 cm
long_h3cm w13cm d7cm