Daito Roman Co.

Leather factory established in 1945 in Soka-shi, Saitama. Their integrated production of all-domestic cowhide(calf and kip suitable for shoes, bags, accessory goods) which they procure from skin is popular. Factory tour and spot sale for the users is popular as well.

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Ito Sangyo Co.

They install the latest equipments while making use of the techniques they inherit. The factory works on improving their quality. They are well known for their soft leather, development of eco-friendly Japanese eco-leather certification business, and collaborations with creators.

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Tochigi Leather Co.

Established in 1937. They are highly rated overseas as a tannery that specializes in full-vegetable tanning leather. They succeeded with their branding by becoming well known to leather lovers by their “red tag” that guarantees the quality. They opened their antenna shop in front of Tochigi station in spring of 2020.

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