Journey to Japan Leather New Standard

Japanese leather and leather manufacturing continues to be updated with the diversity and sustainability required by the times.
The evolution of Japan leather never stops! I want to experience both traditional techniques and new sensibilities. We propose a new tour plan for leather fans around the world.

The evolution of Japan leather felt in the leather town on the East Side of Tokyo

Monozukuri is thriving on both sides of the Sumida River.
On the right bank, tanners take over leather making, and on the left bank, shoes, bags, and purses are made.
An ambitious shop and factory opened in such a downtown area!
The evolution of Japanese leather can be seen in the field of manufacturing and the city.

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Himeji, Tatsu, Toyooka... Masterpiece leather comes true, my own special

A masterpiece of Japanese leather made with the honed skills and straight passion of the Artisans.
In a place where the tradition of leather and the history of bags live, you can feel the goodness of Japan as much as you can, and the best hospitality awaits!

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