A dependable, versatile on/off bag

These days, the line between on and off is blurred. If you are looking for a new bag, we recommend a design that can be used for both work and holidays. This item can be worn for any occasion or any style. In addition, if it is made of all-leather, you can wear it for a long time with a mature character.

The weight of the tote is about 2 small apples!

Uses Pigskin Harry, which is flexible and light enough to fold, yet has excellent strength. Because of its flexible and simple structure, it can be used flexibly depending on the scene you are using.

REN Wide Tote M/Pigskin Harry

Price (tax included): ¥25,850
Color: pink beige/black/camel
Size: h 28 cm x w 43 cm x d 15 cm

Beautiful appearance that elevates your style

The elegant form and shrink leather combine to create a classy look. The main room has a zipper that prevents you from seeing all of your belongings, and the gusset folds down to make it compact.

ETIAM Shrink Fastener Tote Bag (S)

Price (tax included): ¥55,000
Color: Mustard/Turquoise Blue/Khaki/British Green/Black/Burgundy
Size: h 27 cm x w 35 cm x d 15 cm

Handle design that creates a subtle personality

The handle design with a twist that makes a stylish point is impressive. The gusset is wider, so it has a larger capacity than it looks, and is highly visible and easy to take out luggage.

MUZICA VITA Twist Hand Bag L Size

Price (tax included): ¥23,100
Color: Baltic Blue/Yellow/Salmon/Beige/White/Camel/Green/Navy
Size: h 25 cm x w 45 cm x d 9 cm

Beautiful and handsome looks.

Elegant and plain design with high quality leather texture. It is not to be overlooked that it has excellent practicality due to the length of the handle that can be worn over the shoulder and the main room that has a zipper.

PLANT Business tote bag M / TT-103-M

Price (tax included): ¥49,500
Color: Brown/Dark brown/Black
Size: h 33 cm x w 41 cm x d 13 cm

The special leather gives a one-of-a-kind presence

The original oil leather is used for all parts, and furthermore, it is washed after the product to make each item look different. The colored shoulder strap is an exquisite accent.

ANNAK 2-Way Handheld Tote Bag with Handwash Shoulder

Price (tax included): ¥47,300
Color: Black/Brown/Green
Size: h 33 cm x w 42.5 cm x d 12 cm