Use a small item in a shiny color as a gorgeous accent.

Even for a compact item such as a purse or a mini shoulder bag, the beautiful sparkling shiny color gives it a special presence. Not only will it spice up your outfit gorgeously, but it will also make your outfit more seasonal.

Improve the freshness of your outfit with metallic shoes.

The attractiveness of metallic shoes is that they can create stylish and light feet. Despite its catchy look, it is also very versatile, so it is nice that you can match it with any style.

Dominic 3 9110 Asimekut Pumps/9080 Slipon Sneakers

9110 Asime Cut Pumps
Price (tax included): ¥17,600 Color: Black/Beige Foil/Gammeta/Mocha Brown/Khaki
Size: 22 cm -25 cm

9080 Slip on Sneakers
Price (tax included) ¥20,900 Color: Black/White/Silver/Beige
Size: 22 cm -25.5 cm

A long wallet with an elegant sparkle of expressive spike leaf.

The special embossed spike foil that mimics the spikes of a shoe features elegant shine and uneven texture. Although it is compact, it can fit a 10,000 yen bill without folding, so look out for the original size.

Nomura Manufacturing Co., Ltd. L-shaped bundle storage

Price (tax included): ¥19,800
Color: Gold/Pink/Silver
Size: h 9 cm x w 17 cm x d 1.5 cm

A soft pearl color that suits a mature woman.

This is an elegant long wallet made of shiny leather with an understated sparkling pearl feel. The inside also uses the same leather for a luxurious design, so you will definitely feel better every time you use it.

aqua sapphire shrink one action long wallet

Price (tax included): ¥34,100
Color: Ice Blue/Sea Shell Pink/Black Pearl
Size: h 9.5 cm x w 19.7 cm x d 2.7 cm

This drawstring bag combines glamour and femininity.

The crocodile style embossing with a wild image gives a feminine and soft impression with the shiny color. The light pink that peeks out is also a focal point, and it adds polish to the impression.

7iro Leather LAB leather drawstring bag

Price (tax included) ¥10,890
Color: -
Size: h 19 cm x w 15 cm x d 11.5 cm

The combination of the shiny color and embossing is exquisite.

This is an L zipper wallet with an eye-catching three-dimensional mesh embossed fabric design. The shiny color enhances the sense of class, and the compact size gives it an outstanding presence.

Arukan F Panelo Short L Fastener

Price (tax included): ¥13,200
Color: Black/Gold/Silver/Bronze
Size: h 9 cm x w 15 cm x d 1 cm