A selection of stylish and practical smartphone items

Smartphones are all similar in design, so you want to give it personality with a case or strap. Here are some smart phone items that are stylish and functional, but also give you joy every time you use them.

Initial engraving adds a special touch.

An iPhone case with a simple design and a high quality Italian leather with shibo. There is also a lettering service where you can choose up to six letters from gold, silver, or plain.

bell la bella iPhone case name engraved

Price (tax included): ¥8,800 Color: MINT GREEN
Size: iPhone 7/8/SE 2/SE 3/X/Xs/11/XR/12/12 PRO/12 mini/12 PROMAX/13/13 mini/14

A strap that can practically elevate your phone case

The leather mobile strap is an excellent piece that you can easily attach to your case. The length can be adjusted up to 49 ~ 85 cm, and you can enjoy arranging it by attaching a key ring to the attached ring.

DELIFE Mobile Strap

Price (tax included): 7,700 yen Color: BLACK
Size: h 49 ~ 85 cm

Despite its simple look, it's easy to use.

This handy item has front and back pockets so you can change your phone's storage area depending on what you want to carry with you. Note the classy combination of leather and silver metal fittings.


Price (tax included): 12,100 yen Color: BLACK
Size: h 19.5 cm w 1 cm d 6 cm

A pocketbook case with an objet d'art-like presence

The balance between glass that recreates the colors of vintage stained glass and matt textured Mostro leather is exquisite. The phone's sliding storage makes it easy to take photos.

glart notebook type multi-smartphone case S "glart _ H0215"

Price (tax included): 16,940 yen Color: GREEN
Size: h 14.5 cmw 7.5 cmd 1.5 cm

A stylish Epoi-esque color scheme that stands out from the rest

The Knott line of iPhone 13 compatible strapped cover cases has an eye-catching color scheme. Not only is it easy to use, but it's also a great way to accent your outfit.

Epoi Knott iPhone 13 Strap Cover Case

Price (tax included): 20,900 yen Color: MINT x BLACK
Size: h 15 cm w 7.5 cm d 1.2 cm Shoulder strap longest 126 cm