Leather stationery to add style to your desk

Stationery is an essential item in your life. The leather version is durable and can be worn for a long time while enjoying the aging process. You can create a stylish look around your desk, which will motivate you to work and study!

A leather-wrapped ballpoint pen that looks great when you write

The leather used in wallets and bags is wrapped around the finish. The core is easily replaceable, so you can use it for a long time as it ages. The reasonable price makes it a perfect souvenir.

m.ripple Leather Wound Ballpoint Pen

Price (excluding tax): 1,200 yen Color: Black, Natural, Pink Size: h 16.5 cm w 2 cm

A versatile case that can be used as a clutch bag

The document case, which holds A4 size documents, is cushioned and can be used to store personal computers. Antimicrobial embossed leather has a classy feel and can be expected to enhance your look.


Price (excluding tax): 20,000 yen Color: Gray Size: h 27 cm w 35.8 cm

Art-like leather is the center of attention

Rust aging leather with a red torso sprayed on the leather adds character to a simple stationery case. The seamless finish complements the texture of the leather.

keu Stationary case

Price (excluding tax): 8,900 yen Color: Copper red Rust Size: h 18.5 cm w 7.5 cm d 2.5 cm

Beautiful appearance with attention paid to material and form

A pen case with impressive curves and a combination of bridle leather and Minerva box. The fully open design offers high visibility and contrast with the interior's yellow tome.

GANZO Thin Bridle Pen Case

Price (excluding tax): 17,000 yen Color: Navy Size: h 19.5 cm w 4.5 cm d 4.5 cm

Brush up your notes to your liking

A notebook cover that not only protects your notebook, but also upgrades it for style. It also has an inside pocket, a pen holder, and a bookmark, which should make it much more useful.

hmny Large Notebook Cover

Price (excluding tax): 7,500 yen Color: Black Size: h 21.5 cm w 15.3 cm d 1.2 cm