Select the best leather items for Asakusa souvenirs

Asakusa, full of the atmosphere of downtown, has long been a thriving leather industry area. A variety of leather brands are still based in the area today, and high-quality leather items with outstanding craftsmanship are available. While you're sightseeing in Asakusa, why don't you visit there to find souvenirs?

an accessory case filled with Japanese cuteness

It is made of cute bunko leather with a variety of traditional Japanese candies, such as Kintaro candy and Konpeito. It also features a heart-shaped gusset that is sure to make you excited every time you take it out of your bag.

BUNKOYA OOZEKI Heart-shaped accessory case with lips

Price (excluding tax): 7,000 yen Color: Candy Size: h 4.6 cm w 9.5 cm (excluding the mouthpiece)

A rugged look that will make it's way into a man's heart

The mid-cut Coupen work boots are one of the brand's most iconic models. It is made of thick leather, yet feels great on the feet, and a light crepe sole provides comfort.


Price (excluding tax): 60,500 yen Color: Black Size: 22 cm -30 cm (0.5 cm increments)

A neat appearance that brings out the quality of the leather.

WHEEL ROBE introduces leather shoes made with a robust Goodyear welt process. The mocha part is hand-sewn on the V-chip, which uses a box calf and can be used for both business and casual occasions.

WHEELROBE #15078WS Heavy Stitching Moc Toe

Price (excluding tax): 57,200 yen Color: Black Size: 24 cm -28 cm (0.5 cm increments)

Sophisticated and elegant adult sneakers

U-DOT lets you easily enjoy custom-ordered shoes. The minimally designed high-cut sneakers are finished with a soft single layer of leather, so comfortable that you'll want to wear them barefoot.


Price (excluding tax): from 27,500 yen Color: Black Size: 21 cm -28 cm (in 1 cm increments)

The understated camouflage pattern adds exquisite spice.

A beautiful buffing with a lacquer sheen and a camouflage tree reflecting nature are docked. The classic bi-fold wallet exudes originality and a unique presence.

PTAH Buffing x Camouflage Two-Fold Wallet

Price (excluding tax): 19,000 yen Color: Navy Size: h 9.7 cm w 11.3 cm d 2.8 cm