Recommended course 1

Tourist spot Asakusa’s another face
Explore leather town/shoe town

As Sensouji / Kaminarimon as the center, Moto-Asakusa/ Oku-Asakusa …actually, the area is rather large. A city where tradition of craftsmanship exists that is different from our familiar tourist site. Take a walk and travel around the leather town/shoes town where craftsmen built history. Visit the shops in the alley to discover the old and new Asakusa.

Recommended course 2

Enjoy the creative atmosphere of the popular town called “the Brooklyn of Tokyo”.

Kuramae, next to Asakusa, is now becoming a popular town. There are stores known as “the mecca of stationary”, as well as miscellaneous goods stores that carry the latest trend! Many up-and-coming Japanese leather brand’s atelier & shop as well. Enjoy the friendly atmosphere and fresh creativity.

Recommended course 3

Higashi-Ueno is a historical city famous for wallets. 3 atelier shops like a hideaway

Higashi-Ueno has preserved traditional skills as a city of wallets. Many spaces and stores built by renovating small factories are located in the alley. Don’t miss the various styles of Japan leather, such as the atelier shop by the near by incubation facility “Taito Designer’s Village” students’ brands.